maanantai 15. heinäkuuta 2013


Initiate photo spam.


Terminate photo spam.

I've put writing this post off for two weeks thinking that I had a ton of photos to go through and photoshop, when in actuality I had only a handful. Having an iPhone that takes decent photos makes digging the heavy DSLR from your bag (and taking 10 photos of which 1 is actually in focus and interesting) seem so difficult. Anyways I think these photos somewhat demonstrate what I did on this trip: hung out. It was really nice to be away from Finland for a while, but the return to normality was really harsh this time. 30 minutes after leaving the plane I had already gotten into a fight (nothing too serious but really fucking annoying anyways) with my parents and heard that I hadn't gotten into any of the schools I applied to. This and work and being busy in general hopefully explains this brief hiatus I had and I promise to write something more upbeat and interesting really soon. xx