maanantai 1. huhtikuuta 2013

let's get some shoes

So I've been really obsessed with black and white high top sneakers ever since I bought a pair of black Nike Flytops last summer. They instantly became my favorites, and I started wearing them all the time which of course led to them wearing out pretty soon. A few months back I decided to give them a break and search for other alternatives to fill my monochromatic shoe needs. That's when I remembered that I owned a pair of black Chuck Taylors which I rarely used. I also found my old (I mean ancient, like, before 2009) creepers that were totally destroyed except for the heel part. The two became one after a hot night with an even hotter hot glue gun aaaand...

These babies were born.

They're officially still unfinished but I've worn them a few times nevertheless. They actually feel a lot comfier with the attached belt buckle thing than they did before. The edges are still a bit rough and there's some dry hot glue in some places (which looks really suspicious, talking senile creepy guy on craigslist kinda suspicious) and I'll get to fixing them asap.
    I took these babies out once and realized that they're way too slippery for the already slippery Helsinki streets which means that I have to wait a while before I can start properly wearing these. So of course, I had to buy another pair of black and white high tops, and being the broke shit I am I started touring all the second hand joints in Helsinki almost daily. After a week of intensive hunting in various jungles of rags smelling of cigarettes and shame I found these babies:

Diesel sneakers for 20€, which according to my extensive investigation (google lol) are authentic as well!

I'm not a huge fan of Diesel, but I was really feeling these shoes. They're just the right size, sturdy, in good condition and obviously, they're black and white high tops. Perfection.
    Or maybe not. As you can see on the right, they are a bit ill-fitting around the ankle. And this is not because of them being used, they we're actually designed this way. Like you know how nowadays everything has to have a million special features for it to sell well, these shoes are a perfect example of this. They're convertible. Above is pictured how I prefer wearing them, and here is the alternative way:



Okay so I just wanna say that I think that in theory the idea is really cute, you practically get two pairs of shoes for the price of one. The problem is that who in their right fucking mind would ever wear these shoes like this? They look like little clown boots with Diesel's slogan glued on to them. I get that logos are important in fashion yada yada but they could have at least chosen a better font. And just because some Eastern-European tourist might want to wear these like this, I have to have my sneakers bulge around the ankles everytime I wear them. Thanks Obama.

And they turned out to be really slippery as well. fuck shit tits piss argh.

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  1. ihan yli ihanat kengät varsinkin noi ylimmät <3 ja oon miettinyt tässä että onko nuo ylemmät tehty osaksi niinku nuista alemmista tai ainakin mitä mä noita edes takasi selaan niin koko ajan saan sellasta visiota itselle miten vanhoista tennareista vois tuunata itselle tollaset .. pitäs vissiin opetella englantia :DD