keskiviikko 29. toukokuuta 2013


Lately everything has been going suspiciously well. My university exam went more than ok, work has been relatively bearable and most of the stuff I have bought have been on sale. While other people may be tickled pink about things going their way, I, being the pessimistic piece of shit I am, grew suspicious. I was sure something bad was gonna happen to me, like I dunno, maybe I was about to accidentally cause a nuclear holocaust by not sorting my trash or some shit. I just knew something was gonna go wrong.

And something did happen.
Not a nuclear holocaust.
Something a lot worse.


This would be nothing too serious except for the fact that my graduation party's this saturday, which involves a lot of smiling and talking to people. If I don't manage to get a dentist's appointment tomorrow or the day after, I know a certain someone who's gonna be a very grumpy motherfucker at his own party.
   This incident got me thinking about pessimism. As I mentioned before and as you have probably come to understand from the way I complain and bitch about everything, I'm a very pessimistic and cynical person. Sometimes it's really crippling, seeing everything as shit and every opportunity to do something as a chance to fail utterly, but in cases like these it's really helpful. I already knew something was going to happen, and being prepared for it it didn't bum me out for longer than a few hours.

Being pessimistic is really cool. You're either always right or then something is pleasantly surprising.

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