perjantai 24. toukokuuta 2013

I hate it when people (VIII)

think that they need to alter their whole personality because of a fad.
I am of course talking about the alarmingly popular "thug in the streets, fag in the sheets"-phenomenon. To those who haven't been affected by this dangerous craze the homosexual youth has gone into I'll give you the definition.

"thug in the streets, fag in the sheets" abbr. TITFITS
definition: a homosexual male, usually 16-24 years of age, who tries to forcefully hide any feminine traits/gestures/other he might have in order to seem like a dark, brooding and "straight-acting" badass.

I first came in contact with titfits two years ago in Milan. I had been away for some time and once I saw some of my old friends I couldn't recognize them. The same boys and men who used to go out dressed in suits or well coordinated ensembles showing their personal style were now wearing worn-to-death sneakers and basketball uniforms. At first I thought it was just a thing some of my friends did, but once I entered a club I saw so many sweat stained sport shirts and creaky sneakers I thought I was in a weird german fetish flick. I was shocked, but got over it soon because I thought that it would only be a passing fad.

So I thought.

The fad sort of evolved in other directions which caught on in Finland as well (18 months late of course). It was like an epidemic, all the queens started wearing the same outfits: simple sneakers with lots of denim and a snapback. I kept hoping that it would end but it still hasn't. I guess I just have to claw my eyes out or burn down the hellhole where these people keep buying their clothes.
   But the thing is that it's not just the way people are dressing up nowadays, it's more the way they act. The aforementioned "basketball afacionados" do their best to look like a pussyloving jock and I know some people who go as far as pretending to like sports and rap or other genres of music to impress people. Homosexual people are deliberately assimilating themselves to the fantasy creature that is the mainstream dream heterosexual. Meanwhile the hand gestures are getting more subtle, the voices are getting less nasal and the struts are losing their bounce. All things considered "feminine" are thrown away as if they were wrong in some way. Why is it wrong to be feminine? Is there something wrong with women? WAT IZ HAPPENIN?

I really don't have a conclusion and I guess one isn't needed in this case. If it isn't obvious already I'm not trying to dictate people how to lead their life. I also apologize beforehand if I seem too judgmental, it was not my intention. 
If there's one thing I hate it would have to be begging for comments on a blog post, but I'd seriously love to hear your thoughts on the matter. If you have nothing to say just say if you understood this post or not, I'm really tired and dizzy and can't really concentrate on writing lol.

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  1. oh hun, you are just 2 cool with your writing skills. i have no thoughts of the matter but enjoyed reading about yours opinion.