torstai 24. tammikuuta 2013


I just promised to keep updating regularly and now I have realized that I actually don't have time for any non-school related business. But FUX DAT imma do it anygays!

I haven't been at home much lately, which isn't unusual, but this time the reason isn't going to raves or being too drunk to get home. I've been at the library. Studying. Every day for the last two weeks. That's more studying than I've ever done in my life and my brain feels like it's splitting in half. The fact that I've sworn not to drink this month isn't making it any better. But at least I get shit done and maybe, just maybe I'll manage to graduate this spring.

But my life isn't as miserable as I make it seem, because a lot of good stuff has happened to me lately.
For example,
one of my paintings is going on display at a really cool gallery:

Alfauros (Alpha Male), oil on canvas

I made this painting for my art diploma. The assignment was to make a piece about some sort of discrimination you've encountered/been subject to in the society. I chose to do one about gender discrimination, but from the male perspective. When talking about gender discrimination, people tend to focus on the position of females in society and the aesthetic expectations it requires from them. I chose to paint Arnold Schwarzenegger, because I think the person the media makes him seem is the quintessential macho man, the man that every man is in one way or the other expected to be. 
Cold, simple and pumped full of steroids.

Arnold just casually posing before the show

My painting will be on display in the TRUCCARE CHARTA exhibition at OMANIMI gallery (Albertinkatu 22 in Helsinki) opening tomorrow (25.01.).
Be sure to check it out if you're in the neighborhood.

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  1. bellissimo. anche tu.
    saluti dalla Svizzera.