maanantai 21. tammikuuta 2013


So yeah.
I basically decided to start blogging again.
For the fourth or fifth time. I lost count years ago.
But this time I swear it's gonna be different, I'm going to not just try updating this blog weekly, this time I will actually do it. Starting now.

I'm going to tell you a story about a certain piece of clothing i found at a second hand store a few weeks back. I am of course talking about the already well-known baby blue faux fur jacket, aka the illest shit I've ever owned.

There she is. Isn't she a beauty?

This baby cost me 6€, which is practically nothing compared to it's sheer awesomeness. What makes it even more awesome are the pictures you can take with it. I guess these shots from a little photoshoot we had with Meri are sufficient pieces of evidence.

I have never worn this much make up before and I doubt i will be wearing this much too often in the future. But I gotta admit that it was really fun to be all dolled up and it really suited the "character" I was "playing". oh god I'm sounding so pretentious right now.

As you can probably imagine, we had a shitload of fun and also managed to take some sick photos. But it would've never worked without the baby blue princess of faux fur jackets, my Shaquintana.
yes I actually named it don't judge

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