torstai 31. tammikuuta 2013

sweep sweep

I still have to spend most of my free time at the library but it ain't that bad honestly. The soothing buzz of the ac sorta sounds like Bach once you listen to it nonstop for hours on end. But enough about that, I have actually something more interesting to ramble about.

The vernissage last friday went great. I decided to quit my drinking strike that night, but I still managed to take it easy on the drinks. Well, sorta. But at least I wasn't the one stumbling and mumbling this time. Katja, a good friend of mine was.

A fraction of the crowd that popped by, photo by Jenna Jauhiainen

The vernissage ended at 10pm (I think) after which I went on a shortlived but fun bar tour. I don't have any accurate recollection of the crazy shit that went down but I do, however, have some blurry and bizarre photos.

 Me, Sonja and Meri being the drunken fucktards we are

more drunken fuckery

I went home pretty soon because I was seriously off my tits. I vaguely remember kissing someone in the tram and falling face first on the way home. The first one may have been a dream but the latter one sure as hell wasn't. Ouchie

But that was last week, and now it's another 2,5h till the next weekend and all it's drunken fuckery starts. I leave you with a sneak peek of the KaksiTvå shoot I did today.

freebies yayyy

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