maanantai 11. helmikuuta 2013

I hate it when people (VII)

do simple diy stuff and think they're avantgarde as fuck. 
Don't get me wrong, I love diy and encourage people to do it, but what gets to me is when people think they're hot shit after a 15 minute session with a hot glue gun and some torn denim and who later go on bragging about it as if they had just finished painting the Sixtine chapel. I could list hundreds of these simple feats of diy fuckery but I'm gonna keep it short and sweet. Or short an highly acidic in better words.

 The half-bleached denim shirt

I'm pretty sure all of you have seen these. The people who wear these in public are usually your typical H&M rock/hobo chic gurlz, who don't seem to understand that Smells Like Teen Spirit isn't actually the only song Nirvana ever made and that the "t-shirt with the funny mouth print" is actually a Rolling Stones merch knockoff. I know, I too find it hard to believe that people like this still exist.

Studded collars 

Being already so done with studs these seriously get on my nerves. Albeit attaching studs can be nerve wrecking, doing it doesn't make you hardcore or artistic or anything else that you think it does. It just ruins your shirt. End of discussion.

The fucking galaxy denim shorts

These shorts are seriously so overrated. In pretty much every tutorial you can find for making these the author usually starts off by saying that these shorts are unique. Excusez-fucking-moi but I've seen cheeseburgers more unique than this crap. The artistic ability needed to make these is equal to that of a five-year-old. All you need is some fabric paint and 30 minutes to smudge it all on some shitty denim and presto! YOU'RE A TEENAGE WHITE GIRL.

ps. if you're confused about the numbering at the end of the title, this is actually part of a series I do that mostly centers on things that I hate/find annoying. I hid all of my old posts, but I'm thinking about reposting the first six parts of these bitchfests I've written. Because frankly my dear, they are hilarious as fuck.

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  1. rakastan näitä ei jumankauta oot niin oikeessa, pisteet kotiin siis

  2. omg ja paidat joihin on leikattu selkään pääkallo XD ja sit kaikkien DIY-juttujen kanssa....jos väittää.... et se on oma design

  3. Never underestimate the artistic ability of a five-year-old. I swear they make some mind-blowing shit... (but yeah, agreed. Particularly tired of seeing galaxies everywhere.)

  4. rakastan sua veikko. this is awesome.

  5. Löysin sun blogin sattumalt, mut tää postaus sai mut liittymää lukijaks.

    1. hahaaa kiva että joku tykkää mun katkerasta ämmäilystä!! xx